19″ DYNAmic Basic – Free Standing Cabinets

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Product Description

DYNAmic Basic series Networking Enclosures, provide maximum optimization resulted to an optimum performance in between quality and added value. While product gives maximum performance on cabling and networking infrastructure, in parallel provides a very valuable economy compared to its quality which is based on high technologic fully automated industry.

The 600 series is available in 4 heights from 22U through to 47U, and in certain sizes a choice of depth is also available including 600, 800 and 1000mm options. Each cabinet is supplied as standard with a glass front door, steel rear panel and lift off steel side panels, all of which are lockable. The wide product height portfolio meets any U requirement in infrastructure needs. DYNAmic Basic series have a professional technical but aesthetic look with decorative Housing on the front door; the product range attracts the attention with the mostly environmentally fit and selected color of RAL 9005 Black, and RAL 7035 Light Grey, with fine wrinkle soft touch paint.

The product range allows with 1000mm depth versions, usage in private / low density server and storage applications. Completely standard and stocked product portfolio, being delivered as un-assembled in flat pack, as shipping configuration the adjustable feet group is included. DYNAmic Basic series product range with optimal panel mounting size, and a variety range of accessories enclose the whole expectation of users.