19″ NETbox Slim – Network Wall Mounting Cabinets

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Product Description

The product range is designed for Small Offices, Homes offices, where a smaller network housing performed. As well decoratively fit product would also be used in horizontal segments of applications, for Hotels, hospitals, Laboratories where a Slim wall application is needed.

Mostly customers are complaining about a deeper wall cabinet positioned for networking in a hotel lobby, in an office , distribution network in hospitals or high-end offices. Thus; requirements are raising with a SLIM application on the wall which in Lande Slimbox is 145mm overall.

The product with size W:500mm D:475mm H:145mm named SLIMbox, is allowed to position in suspended ceiling, under raised floor with 600x600mm raised flooring size, on or under the table, as well different direction of assembly on the wall.

There is also W:500mm D:760mm H=145mm which is called SLIMbox TALL required for deeper switches, routers, or DVR equipments in different purpose of applications. The front hinged door, can open right, left, bottom or up, with the assembly direction of product on the wall.